Support Group


The Gauteng Department of Social Development subsidies the Drop-in Centre by financing some positions enabeling the organisation to more effectively serve the children and the community.

The appointment of an social worker provides a new dimension to the services at the organisation benefiting the children and their parents as well as the community.

The social worker undertakes community work, arranges for outreach actions and information sessions on relevant topics such as HIV/AIDS, child abuse and how to apply for grants and pensions. She also undertakes home visits. The caregivers and EPWP workers conduct home visits under her guidance in order to provide support for vulnerable families in the community.


Currently about 25 grade R and 10 grade RR children of the Wolmer area are attending the Suikerbekkies Pre-school at TNO, where attention is directed at a wide spectrum of their development. The school follows the curriculum stipulated by the Gauteng Department of Education.

The children attend the pre-school daily from 07:30 to 12:30. During this time they receive tuition as well as breakfast, lunch and an in-between snack.

Many of these children lag behind in their development and are environmentally and educationally challenged. They receive remedial attention from an educational psychologist, when needed. 

When entering grade 1, the children are provided with school uniforms, school bags and stationery which are all donated.



The Avante Women’s Agricultural Union branch developed as part of the Wolmer Community project. They are a group of enthusiastic women from this area who have weekly meetings at the organisation where they are taught new skills based on the curriculum of the Women’s Agricultural Union (WAU). Some of the members generate income by means of the skills they acquired. 

They also actively contribute towards the Wolmer project’s functioning by offering a week long holiday programme for 25 learners from Grade 1 to 12 where they are actively and creatively engaged.

They are actively involved with the Suikerbekkies Grade R group by obtaining funding for new projects and providing activities like decorating cup cakes and many more.

This group will appreciate donations of wool and material which can be used for their crafts as well as equipment which are in working condition which will enable them to learn new crafts.


Assistance to developing organisations

Assistance to about 20 developing organisations is facilitated by our outreach project, Motswedi wa Lerato (MwL) in various ways.

Organisations which are assisted are mostly in the following areas:  GaRankuwa, Soshanguve, Mabopane, Winterveld, Mabopane, Hammanskraal and Stinkwater in Gauteng, as well as Klipgat, Celuki, Kgotatsanang and others in the North West province.

These organisations are assisted in various ways such as by providing administrative guidance, etc.

Needs are escalating. Food, clothes and household items are in big demand.

Many of these centres survive to a large extent on what is provided by TNO.



An average of 65 children between grades 1 to 12 attend the after school centre. They have the opportunity to do their homework under the supervision. 

Lunch is served daily before they start with their school tasks.  There is a media centre with internet available. 

The children are provided with school uniforms, schoolbags and stationery – all provided by kind hearted donors.

The children’s excellent performance is a big reward for all involved.  Many of the children are top performers and leaders in their schools. 


This initiative was born out of the Covid-19 National Lockdown.  The programme supports new mothers in the community with parenting classes, care hampers, disposable nappies, baby formula milk and other baby needs.